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Relax at the Sandy Beaches of Cu Lao Cham


Searching for the hidden beach of Hoi An? Not many travelers know that you can go snorkeling in Hoi An or that there’s even a Hoi An Vietnam Beach worth seeking! If you’re interested in visiting the city beyond the UNESCO-listed ancient town, keep reading our mini-guide packed with all the essential info.

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: Located 20km from Cua Dai harbor lies Cham Island, known locally as Cu Lao Cham. This group of 8 small islands do not only capture Hoi An’s sunnier side, but are also a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

What to do: When people think of the word “beach”, their minds quickly piece together an image of their ideal sunny sanctuary. Once you take your first steps on the sands of Cham Island, you will experience that and much more. Uniquely, the Cham Islands combine treasures of the deep with lush forest wildlife. 

Snorkel: Both lovers of the sea and explorers of land will definitely find something in line with their interest. Visitors who have experience diving and snorkeling may want to take their gear and marvel at the hidden wonders of the deep. 

Hike: For those who love to rough it out, you can discover scenic views atop the island at the end of its designated hiking trail. Travelers are more than welcome to sit back, relax, and enjoy the numerous local seafood eats that make the Cham Islands a go-to paradise in Hoi An.

Leave no trace: It is always best to leave the place looking the same way as when you entered it, so do your best to avoid producing waste and pick up after your mess when you do. These islands have become Hoi An’s most precious treasures, and must be treated and used respectfully.

Get there: There is only one way to get to Cu Lao Cham Hoi An, and it is via water. If you are traveling on your own, you can take a taxi to Bach Dang pier and ride a boat. The boats usually depart at 7:30am, with average tickets costing anywhere from VND 100,000 to VND 150,000.

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Customize Your Own Hoi An City Tour – Full Day

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