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Cheng Chau & Lamma Island

Fall in Love with the Chinese traditions in Cheung Chau and Lamma Island


The best places to feel the sun shine upon your cheek are of course, beaches and tropical islands. Surrounded with nothing but clear blue skies and the cerulean waves, there is no better feeling than relaxing on the warm sands, with this perfect scene embracing. In Hong Kong, the islands of Cheung Chau and Lamma do offer this kind of atmosphere, but unlike most sunny side landscapes, each island has something extra to offer, to those who want to do more than just soak up the heat.

Cheung Chau Island is located 10 km southwest of Hong Kong. Also known as the “dumbbell island” – because of its shape - it is the livelier destination between the two. Besides surfing through the powerful waves, you can head down to its many streets and find your favorite spot which can definitely sate whatever craving you need. Want to eat fresh seafood? No problem! Trip Guru suggests that you stroll down at Cheung Chau’s seafood street and let your senses revel with joy with the sights, scent, and sounds of Hong Kong’s favorite fish dishes. If you prefer to do something more adventurous, then the Cheung Po Tsai Cave is ready for you to explore. Lastly, if you have booked your vacation on the right moment, you can celebrate the Cheung Chau Bun Festival with the locals, and marvel at their papier-mâché effigies.

Lamma Island, on the other hand, is more laid back.  Here, you can visit their Fisherfolk Village, and see at firsthand how the locals catch their daily livelihood. For travelers who have an interest in hiking, they can explore the area’s rustic villages whilst enjoying a magnificent view of the island’s coast; and finally, end the Lamma adventure by brushing up your bargaining skills at the Yung Shue Wan Main Street.

To get to Chung Chau from Hong Kong, you can take a ferry from Central Pier 5. The ferries are open from 00:30AM-11:45PM from Mondays to Saturdays, while it closes at 11:55PM during Sundays and public holidays. Tickets cost around 11.3HKD for the slow ferry 22.2 HKD for the fast one. To get to Lamma, you take a ferry on Pier 4 to Sok Wu Wan.

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