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Feeding Frenzy at Chinatown in Yangon


19th Street in Chinatown, Yangon is well-known for its long, sprawling wall of barbecue stalls. It is here where you can find delicious and cheap food skewers, ready to be cooked and served. You can expect delicious local selections of fresh meat and vegetables being snatched up by locals, tourists and travellers. If you're ready for a unique gastronomic experience, Trip Guru recommends that you look no further than Yangon's Chinatown.

Yangon has a variety of restaurants and teahouses in Chinatown, with a variety of dishes that can be found all over Asia. But if you're hungry for a scene right out of dramas and Mainland China, your best bet is to head on over to 19th Street for a large, delicious piece of barbecued fish, a long, refreshing drink of beautifully amber-colored draft beer. With walls of restaurants along each side of the block and outdoor grills set up alongside plastic tables and chairs, it's the epitome of a busy Chinatown street, especially with the locals relaxing after a long day of work.

The main dishes in this place are mostly fresh chicken, pork and fish but there are plenty of gorgeous mushrooms, sautéed fresh greens and thick stalks of rice. One of the unique features of this particular Chinatown is that they allow you to bring your own brew, so you can enjoy that perfect pairing of meat and wine without worry. With an extensive selection, be sure to bring an empty stomach and get ready to savor all of the delights that Chinatown has to offer, from tofu to mutton, pork, chicken, garlic, quail eggs, peppers and delicious kale. Whether you’re with a group or on your own you can be sure to have a great time building your own dinner, relaxing amongst friends or just appreciating the sounds and sights of the locals.

19th Street is located right on the 19th Street in downtown Yangon. You can access 19th Street from Maha Bundala (it's the main road that leads directly to the Sule Pagoda) and Chinatown is a 15 minute walk from there. The market opens at 5:00pm and operates until 1:00am.

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