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Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay: Where the Past Meets the Present


In Singapore, they have a quirky and unique way to preserve their stories of the past. Most countries would create monuments, buildings, or designated areas to showcase their historical roots to visiting tourists; but in Clarke Quay, merging the days of their forefathers with today’s generation has created an interesting mix that not only entices the senses, but also keeps their heritage intact.  

First time travelers might be shocked to see the volume of crowds that come to Clarke Quay, but that is only one part of this area’s charm. Here, visitors must have a keen eye to spot out the history within its borders, because most of its olden day items have been revamped to fit the current lifestyle. Some buildings have been restored to become various entertainment establishments, while a number of Chinese junks (or tonkangs) have been converted into restaurants and pubs. However, this still does not stop Clarke Quay from providing structures that showcase Singapore’s most treasured tales.

At the heart of this area, the Singapore River stretches at both ends to give visitors a well-deserved stroll down the island’s picturesque landscape. At 1 Empress Place, the Asian Civilization Museum opens her doors to treat viewers the island’s finest collections, exhibitions, and galleries that showcases the region’s rich history, while the 100-year-old Hong San See Temple sits on 29 Mohamed Sultan Road – giving its devotees a quiet place to worship. For a more electrifying activity, travelers can strap themselves on the G-Max Reverse Bungy and put their stomachs to the test, or Lockdown Singapore for a mind boggling adventure. Although most of the activities should be done during sunlight, Clarke Quay shines during the night because not far from the center, travelers can marvel at the laser light show by the bay, whilst chowing down on their favorite Singaporean cuisine.

If you wish to head down to Clarke Quay, Trip Guru suggests that you should hop on the MRT and get off at NE5 Clark Quay MRT. The best thing about this place is that almost all of its activities and establishments are just a short walking distance away. It is open from 10:00AM to 10:00PM daily.

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