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Swimming in Shipwrecks on Coron Island


If you love snorkeling, but wish to see something new and different, how about scuba diving and getting to see some beautiful World War II-era shipwrecks? Coron Island is home to a variety of unique wreck dives, perfect for scuba divers who want to see something a little different, but just as beautiful, Trip Guru can recommend a trip to Coron Island.

For excited underwater photographers, Lusong Gunboat is perfect, as it is fully consumed by coral and sponges, and busy fish swim to and fro in a cloud of colors. This wreck is surrounded by shallow waters, and it makes a perfect introduction to the world of underwater photos and scuba diving as a plethora of colorful fish swim past and around you. And for those who prefer the magic of scuba diving at night, there is the Black Island Wreck, a mysterious wreck that sleeps 45 meters deep. The water is shallow, and you can get to see that it's absolutely teeming with life. If luck is on your side, you may even see large batfish and scorpion fish during your visit.

One of the most fascinating sights while scuba diving in Coron is being able to see various shipwrecks, including the Kogyo Maru, a Japanese freighter that was built in 1938. It's big enough that you can still swim through the enormous wreck and observe many of the rooms that are still in-tact, perfectly preserved underwater. Located at a deep 34 meters underwater, it's a place perfect for advanced divers. There are still many pieces of equipment and other materials that have survived underwater and are still in the ship, and black coral, lion fish, barracudas and other colorful fish now call this wreck home.

If you're coming from El Nido, you can get to Coron via airplane, or ferry if you prefer to travel by sea. There are a total of twelve Japanese warships that remain underwater, all for your viewing pleasure. The best time to go and see the shipwrecks of Coron, or just to scuba dive and enjoy the warm waters is from November to June, as July through October is known as their low season, due to the possible monsoons and heavy rains that may happen.

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