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Memories of the II World War in Corregidor


If you'd like to explore a deeper portion of Philippine history inside a small island that has a lot of fight and personality to it, Trip Guru can suggest nothing better than taking a ride to the island of Corregidor, the Philippines' last military stronghold against the Japanese in 1942. Not only can you learn a lot about the hardships experienced by war, you can also learn much more about the cooperation and Corregidor's role in World War II.

One of the best things about Corregidor is that from your ferry, you can relax and look at the fabulous views of the Manila Bay and the disappearing skyline of Roxas Boulevard, as well as the anticipation of getting to see new and exciting things during the ferry ride. To get around the island, you can get access to the tram that would be more than happy to drive you around. Those who are partial to military equipment or history will especially enjoy Corregidor and all that is has to offer, including one of the last remaining artillery batteries, Battery Way.

Another place you can visit in Corregidor is the Pacific War Memorial, a marble-white dome that's built for a special purpose: every 6th of May, at noontime, the sun can shine through the dome's oculus, in the memory of all those soldiers who perished during the fall of Corregidor. Until now, war veterans are determined to visit every year. On this tour, visitors can see the children of war veterans and can even try to spot the Japanese foxholes that were used during the war, still preserved for future generations to observe.

Bring your own bottle of water to keep hydrated, as well as sunscreen and an umbrella, especially if you go to Corregidor in March or April. To get to the island of Corregidor from the Philippines, you can go to the Hoverferry terminal near the Cultural Center of the Philippines, in Roxas Boulevard can get you a ferry towards the island. It leaves from 8:00am and you can get there in an hour.

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