Crystal Cove and Crocodile Island Place guide



Crystal Cove and Crocodile Island

Island Hopping Adventures to Crystal Cove and Crocodile Island


Spending your vacation in Boracay means that you will never be bored, since the island offers you quite a long list of activities to enjoy. When you get to the island, one activity you might want to consider is island hopping, and two of the usual places you will find visiting with this activity is Crystal Cove and Crocodile Island.

While most people stay on the island of Boracay their entire vacation there, some people opt to visit the other small islands that are nearby. You will be able to see very different islands with such an activity, some with white sandy shores and others with rocky cliffs and caves.

For those who are into scuba diving and snorkeling, a trip to Crocodile Island is considered a must, and is often part of an island hopping adventure. This area is just a few minutes away from where boats pick people up on White Beach, and is usually the first stop on these trips. Diving here will have you interacting with scores of fishes and viewing amazing corals. After Crocodile Island, your boat will usually take you to Crystal Cove, which is an island that has cliffs and caves you can walk around on. Apart from exploring this place on foot, the more adventurous usually find themselves snorkeling in the caves found here.

Getting to these two islands off of Boracay is easy since you can charter boats for this. You can go with a tour group that usually costs less than a private charter, and often comes with free lunch and flowing drinks. Trip Guru suggests that when you go island hopping, leave Crystal Cove right before sunset so you can experience a sunset boat ride back to White Beach.   

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