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Relax by the Mouth of the Sea at Cua Dai Beach


Located 4km to the northeast of Hoi An Town in Quang Nam Province, a warm and bright location awaits travelers craving a bit of sunshine. Cua Dai Beach Hoi An – literally translated to “big sea mouth” – is the city’s main public beach. With clear waters and warm surf, Cua Dai offers a great escape from the Old Town’s sweltering humidity, especially during the hottest months. 

For a more comfortable experience, visitors may shelter themselves from the heat by sitting under one of the willow trees sprawled across the area, or rent a sun lounger to fully enjoy a chill day in paradise.

Do: Since it is a beach, water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, and the like are readily available. Bikes can be rented for around VND 23,000 per day, while jet skis start at VND 649,000. Walk or bike 3km (2 miles) north to An Bang beach if you’re looking for more peace and quiet!

Shop: For those who prefer taking a walk and shopping for local goods, there are numerous stores and stalls around the beach to satisfy your search. Walking beach vendors might pester you to buy fresh fruit and crafts, but most can be rebuffed easily with a “no thank you.” 

If you’re into wearing or purchasing traditional garb from countries you travel through, you can get beautiful Vietnamese-style garments at one of the many tailor shops displaying their creations at the window. 

Eat: A line of food shacks sell fresh fish, squid, shellfish and offer amenities. For a lively atmosphere, try Pho Co, a “bia hoi” hall near the beach providing amber homebrew and a good menu of beer snacks. Against the background of upbeat music, order your “bia” the local way” by the tower, grazing through the grill menu of baby pork ribs, fresh seafood (incredible fish!) and chicken wings. 

Massage: There are many spas that offer massages in the area.

Getting there: The easiest method to get to this beach is by riding a bus or taxi from Da Nang International Airport, because they will surely pass this way. There is no entrance fee to enter Cua Dai, but this is an opportune moment to thank the locals for giving you a good time. You can opt to buy fruits, souvenirs, and/or trinkets from the sellers that come up to you on the beach. (Don’t forget to haggle!)

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