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Dead Forest

Explore the Gloomy but Enchanting Dead Forest of Boracay



Who would have thought that a resort island such as Boracay would have an area that can be considered eerie and fascinating at the same time? Boracay is known for its powdery white sand and clear blue waters, as well as its jumping parties at night and amazing fresh seafood. What some people may not know is that there is actually an area on the island that can be easily called desolate, and this is an area that tourists can actually visit. This is the Dead Forest of Boracay.

The Dead Forest is a watery area that looks like a great location for a horror movie, and is located just south of Bulabog Beach. Although the name may seem nefarious, the reason why this particular patch of land has mangrove trees that have died is due mainly to humans and their blatant disregard for nature. The forest is a reminder to visitors that ecological balance and care for Mother Nature should always be strived for, since we can all lose the beauty of our surroundings by being careless and apathetic.

Going to this part of the island may seem like a depressing thought, but that has not stopped visitors from wanting to go there. Also called the Sunken Forest, this is a place that photographers and filmmakers visit and take pictures as well as videos of. While there is really not much to do here, just taking in the kind of destruction that man can bring to nature makes it a good place to add to the list of areas to visit on the island. It is said that the destruction is due to a saltwater dam breaking and the water inundating the forest in the area, killing off all the vegetation there, and leaving only the dead trunks and roots of the trees.

To get to the forest, you simply need to walk from the main road, down to Lagutan road, then on to the forest. You can also get to this creepy yet enchanting place by walking along Bulabog beach till you get to the forest area. Trip Guru suggests that you take a local with you so that you can hear stories about the place as well as safely find your way around this area. The forest does not have an entrance fee. Bring bug repellant to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos and other bugs that abound here.  

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