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Dhammayangyi Temple

The Dhammayangyi Temple, the Tallest of All Bagan


Through the years, places of worship have become top priority must-see destinations for a handful of tourist. Although these structures do not have the soothing sounds of the waves found in beaches or the flavorful foods cooked hawker centers and night markets, it touches a certain part of people’s spirit that makes them feel whole again. From grand churches to colorful mosques, every architectural detail is made from the labor of love. Each monument is constructed by the hand of a historic artist, who creates works of art that could stand the test of time, and in the ancient city of Bagan, the Dhammayangyi Temple attests to this fact.

Popularly known as the Dhammayan, this temple as built during the reign of King Narathy and is known to be Bagan’s largest. Though its shape was not fully realized, majority of its appearance is coated with the color of red bricks and thus, sheds a maroonish glow during the late afternoons. This structure mat look wide, but most of its interior has been sealed, for reasons unknown. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to see in the temple. The outer corridors are made accessible to the public, and it is here where Dhammayangyi’s beauty can be seen. Its single story height is surrounded by six terraces that are shaped like a pyramid, which rises from the ground. Within its brick halls, travelers will find two statues of Buddha sitting side by side with their bodies covered in maroon colored ash, and smiling radiantly as their golden faces greet passersby.

There are a lot of ancient temples surrounding the area of Bagan, and just like the Dhammayangyi Temple, there are a few things travelers should do when visiting this type of destination. Trip Guru would like to remind those people that being in the destination early will give you the opportunity to cover more ground. Also, one day is not enough and if you plan to visit more than one temple, take your time and visit the next one on another day.

To get here from Old Bagan, take a private car and head south. Afer 850m turn left onto Anawratha Road and then take a right after 800m. Once you have reached 170m, turn left and you will be near the temple.

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