El Nido Market and Corong Corong Village Place guide


El Nido and Palawan

El Nido Market and Corong Corong Village

Delicious Delights in El Nido Market and Corong Corong Village


El Nido is a warm, charming bunch of islands full of secret coves, beautiful blue-green waters and smooth, white sand that just feels like powder on your toes. Best of all, if you're into shopping for delicious and fresh seafood, as well as other sundries, the El Nido Public Market and the old-world charms of Corong Corong Village have you covered. Trip Guru can't recommend these places enough for the traveller who wants to feel disconnected from the world, to reconnect with themselves.

Corong Corong Village is full of laid-back beauty and charm, and is a beautiful place to go if you want to escape the plethora of tourists in El Nido. While it can look like a tiny fishing village at first, a deeper glance can reveal more than what lies on the surface. When you visit Corong-Corong beach during a sunset, low tide occurs and offers a glimpse of limestone cliffs and blue sky as a refreshing backdrop to the sand and gentle puddles of water during low tide, perfect for one-of-a-kind photographs. The village and the beach is a refreshing reminder of the days when technology was far away from what it is now: when signal was nearly impossible to get and Instagram is merely a summer daydream, Corong Corong Village is perfect for soaking up the sun and the wind, as well as the tranquility of the area.

The El Nido Public Market doubles as a transport hub because of the bus/van terminal there, where you can go to and fro from the town proper and go island hopping. It's also a place where you can go and buy the basic necessities in life, such as freshly baked bread, grilled street food, filling rice meals and if you chance by some grocery stores, you can even get liquor to cap off your meal. Indeed, it’s one of the best places in the Philippines to reconnect with yourself and your spirit, without the interruptions of daily life.

To get to El Nido Public Market from the town proper, you just need to take a tricycle, as the market is only 1.5km away. From El Nido town, Corong Corong is parallel to the main road, with tricycles that serve as taxis. 

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