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Gawdaw-palin Temple

Visiting The Gawdaw-palin Temple


The Gawdawpalin Temple is a large, stately temple facing the east. It's set on a low platform, in the middle of a strong, walled enclosure with four gates. It resembles the Thatbyinnyu temple, which was built in 1144. There is a tall spire ornament that's shaped like an umbrella, and is a beautiful place, with a pagoda. Seated across a backdrop of beautiful blue sky, it's picturesque and completely worth the visit. So if you appreciate the beauty and spirituality of these temples, Trip Guru suggests that you include The Gawdawpalin Temple as a must-visit site.

Inside the temple are images of the Buddha seated on pedestals and there are some Nat spirit statues as well. Though most of the temple's murals have faded, it only brings a unique, weathered look to the overall building, and the main entrance to a spacious complex in the eastern side is watched over by two large statues of white lions. It is counted as one of the largest shrines in Bagan, and in the ground floor, there is a vaulted corridor that hides images of the Buddha on each side, gleaming and golden.

This temple has an ethereal feel about it, surrounded by a plaza with lined, green trees. It gives the feel that nature is slowly retaking what was once hers, and like most temples in Myanmar, this one also has its own unique story. Truly, if you are looking to reconnect with yourself and to feed your soul, then there is no place better than this temple.

If you're in Old Bagan, then The Gawdawpalin Temple is only four minutes away on foot. Head south and then make a slight right, and you will soon see the impressive and beautiful Gawdawpalin Temple to your right. The Burmese people are friendly and outgoing, especially if you're a visitor. However, do remember that it is improper to lose your temper or show emotion in public. Do remember to take off your shoes and socks before entering a temple, and leave your umbrellas outside, and remember to dress modestly: no short-sleeved shirts, short pants or skirts, and generally pants for women are regarded as inappropriate attire. Because you may be walking barefoot, the best time to visit temples is early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.

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