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Grand Circuit Temples

Explore the Vastness of Cambodia’s Grand Circuit Temples


In Cambodia, there are numerous temples, both from the present and the past, which are constructed to represent the spiritual nature of her people. From the famous to the humble, each building holds a certain interest that caters to the devotees and visitors alike, but the temples that were built during the tales of old are the ones tourists love to flock to. Withstanding the tests of time, these ruins have become the major symbols of the Khmer Empire, some of which have been honored as one of the 7 wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the biggest problems most visitors face however, is how to stopover numerous locations within a day. Luckily, in the city of Siem Reap, travelers can visit the temples in Angkor Archaeological Park via the Grand Circuit.

With the wind in their hair and the sound of the tut-tuk’s motors filling the air, travelers can now easily get from one temple to the other on this nifty transport. By either booking a tour or choosing the site they want to visit, they can now explore the history of the Khmer Empire in their own pace. They can be mystified by the enchanting trees whose vines dangle upon the walls and ceilings of Ta Prohm, or be amazed by the faces they see carved in Angkor Tohm. Of course, the starting point would be at Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s most treasured monument.

With the many destinations visitors can see in the park, Trip Guru would like to remind future travelers to take a break from time to time. Yes, taking a tuk-tuk and exploring every corner of the complex is the fastest way, but the magic fades at the same pace. You are allowed to visit the whole place for as long as seven days, and the best time to do it Continue driving for 350m and the destination will be at your left side. It is open from 5:00AM to 6:00PM and passes would cost you $20 (1 day), $40 (3 days), and $60 (7 days) respectively.

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