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Gunung Raya

A Spectacular View of Langkawi on top of Gunung Raya


One of the reasons why people love to travel is getting a chance to see an unknown part of the world with their very own eyes. Though technology has delivered images of amazing places – via printed or digital text – nothing beats being physically present, and take in the various elements that excite the senses.  Trekkers, hikers, and the like, know this very well; that is why, when they visit a foreign place, they make sure to explore these destinations with their own two feet. If you are that type of traveler, and find yourselves in Malaysia, head down to the island of Langkawi and traverse the trail to Gunung Raya’s peak.

Though visitors can simply drive to the Gunung Paya’s peak, there is a certain joy and a feeling of accomplishment if travelers choose to climb – after all, the journey is also part of the experience. This path may take long and can definitely break a sweat, but travelers are accompanied by the sight and sounds of Langkawi’s flora and fauna. Surrounded by rich greenery and native birds, like the Great Hornbill, the long trek to the mountain’s peak is refreshing and quite worth it. Successful visitors are rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous island, the Adaman Sea, and Thailand’s mainland. The best part is when the sun begins to set, because while the sky turns from deep orange to purple, travelers will be able to see the sun slip into the distance.

Trip Guru would like to remind potential visitors that if they do plan to challenge the mountain’s trail, they need to bring the proper essentials, and wear the appropriate gear. Wear comfortable hiking shoes, so that your journey will remain comfortable, and bring extra water to fuel your body. If your physical health is not in tiptop form, it is best that you drive to the peak instead.

To get to Gunung Raya from Langkawi, take a private car and head northeast towards Jalan Padang Gaoang/route 152. After driving 3.1 km, turn left onto the same road. Then, turn right onto Jalan Ulu Melaka/route 112, another right onto Jalan Gunung Raya, and then a final right, until you reach Gunung Raya.

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