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Ilig Iligan Beach

Privacy and Quiet on Ilig Iligan Beach in Boracay


When people come to Boracay, they expect to see pristine white sandy beaches and clear blue seas, and they won’t be disappointed. What they might not expect is the huge number of people on these white beaches and in the clear blue sea. For those who want to experience this island paradise away from the throngs of people that crowd the main beach, a visit to Ilig Iligan Beach may be in order.

This rather secluded beach is located at the northeastern part of the island, and is considered one of the more quiet shores of Boracay. This is a great place for you to get some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the activity-laden White Beach. You can even choose to stay here for your entire vacation by choosing one of the two smaller resorts found here. While the beaches here are not as powdery white as the main beach of the island, this area still has white sand and offers visitors the kind of tranquility that cannot be had on White Beach during the day.

Despite its seclusion, this area offers quite a number of activities for you to enjoy. Apart from swimming and sun bathing, you can also explore the surrounding caves and enjoy fresh seafood from of the two local restaurants in the area. You can also go snorkeling and diving in some of the coves that are nearby.

Getting to Ilig Iligan beach can be done a few ways, with the first being by way of a tricycle followed by a small hike from the main road to the beach. You can also get to this beach by riding a motorbike to the area and walking to it or by hiring a banca (outrigger boat) to take you there. You can also rent a bike and pedal your way to the area too. Trip Guru suggests that you visit this part of Boracay during the hot summer months since the off-season brings about monsoon rains that make the forests teem with mosquitos.

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