Inwa (AVA) Place guide



Inwa (AVA)

Visit Myanmar’s Ancient Imperial Capital, Inwa


Strolling through the halls of history is just one of the many ways travelers can appreciate the rich cultural heritage of a foreign destination. By seeing actual landmarks, pieces of art, and ruin that have seen the light of the past, their minds and bodies are further filled with wonder, giving them more reason to crawl the country’s landscape. In Myanmar, there are hundreds of structures that have not only been on this Earth for thousands of years, but stand as the only link to the people’s ancient past; and the best place that can show travelers this fact can be found in Inwa, because once visitors enter this region, it is as if time has stood still.

Also spelled as “Innwa,” this ancient capital found in the regions of Mandalay, was once the land of Burmese royalty during the 14th to 19th centuries. Between those years, Inwa was sacked and rebuilt numerous times, until it was finally abandoned in March 1893, due to a series of strong earthquakes. Even though most of its structures have collected dust and cracks overtime, travelers, who have a particular interest in history, will revel in the various buildings that were filled by the nobles of the past. From monasteries to temples, to leaning watchtowers and city walls, the empty halls of Inwa are still able to ring the voices of the past through these magnificent sites.

Travelers might find it difficult to explore Inwa’s expansive area and might not have the chance to visit every ancient structure. This is why Trip Guru would like to suggest interested visitors that they should take any of the available modes of transportation in the area, so that they can fully enjoy their time in the ancient capital. You can surround yourself with Mandalay’s scenery on a bicycle or take a relaxing stroll on a horse drawn cart. Either way, you will truly encounter a unique experience if you decide to do so.

One of the best ways to get to Inwa is by boat. Head down to the Irrawaddy River and from there, take a ferry that is heading to Inwa. The fare would cost you around 500 MKK. Once you reach Inwa, you can hop on a cart and tour the ancient capital, for about 5,000 MKK.

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