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El Nido and Palawan

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Explore Palawan through Island Hopping in El Nido


The Philippines is riddled with islands filled with unique and one of a kind finds. From the numerous native flora and fauna found on the land, air, and sea, to the quirky locals crowding the city streets, first time visitors are always amazed by how the country is able to offer all these unlimited finds. Because of this, many travelers have chosen to explore the Philippines per city or by island, and in the municipality of El Nido in Palawan, they offer the latter option, but in a cooler and more exciting manner. Because of the tropical climate of the country, tourists love to fill the popular beaches during the summer. One of those places is Palawan, and although the island seems like it is an island that stretches at the western side of the Philippines, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

On the docks of the municipality of El Nido, first time visitors might be surprised by the numerous Bangkas adrift on the shore. This is a normal scene for experienced travelers because this is the starting point for every island hopping adventure. Palawan is surrounded with a handful of islands in which travelers can visit within a day. The boatmen can take you to any island you wish, but if you are still undecided, pick from any of the four routes aptly named: A, B, C, and D and enjoy your island hopping adventure. From the docks, you will be taken to a magnificent journey on the crystal blue waters, and be dropped off to your chosen destination. There are a lot of things you can do on each island. From snorkeling in Simiziu Island to wading in one of the three lagoons; and, if you are lucky enough, see turtles resting ashore on the Secret Beach.

With so many activities in store, you might be enticed to visit every single island, but Trip Guru would much prefer it if you paced yourself – especially to first timers. Filling the itinerary with too many islands can shorten your stay, therefore, to fully enjoy the experience, choose a few islands first, and then come back for more on another day.

Island hopping rates range between 1,200 Php and 1,400 Php, but it is always wise to bring extra cash, just in case you want to rent their gear for certain activities like snorkeling. To get to El Nido’s docks from the town proper, take a private car through Calle Hama until you reach the destination. From there, you can rent any boat that offers your preferred route, and you are good to go.

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