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Island of the Pregnant Maiden

Enjoy the Island of the Pregnant Maiden and her Lake


If a place is spectacularly beautiful, something that adds color and meaning to a place is to introduce it to the world itself. The legend of Pulau Dayang is one of these places, as it is called the “Island of the Pregnant Maiden,” the tale of a fairy princess and mourning for a child that was taken far too soon. When she laid her child to rest in the lake, she blessed the childless and the infertile. If you're in the mood for trekking in places with a magical, fantastic quality then Trip Guru suggests you check the Pulau Dayang Bunting and the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.

Before you get to the island, you must pass by a very long footbridge inhabited by monkeys, so keep a close eye on your things at all cost. As long as you don't try to feed the monkeys, or carry any food or drinks with you, they won't be a problem. The lake is surrounded by a verdant forest, one of three large geoparks with great gorgeous limestone formations. You can swim in the lake, but be aware and careful as there is no shallow area, and the average depth of the lake's designated swimming pools is 10 meters, so it's an area for experienced swimmers.

You can also take a solar-powered paddle boat, or kayak and paddle to your heart's content around the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, and observe the large mangrove swamps that snake around the island. The best thing about the solar-powered paddle boat is that you don't get tired. The island also has a boardwalk that can give photographers a stunning view of the lake from all possible angles. Aside from insects and monitor lizards there are also colorful butterflies.

To get to Pulau Dayang Bunting, the easiest route to get there is by boat from Pantai Tengah. To get to Pantai Tengah from Langkawi, you can use a rental car and head northeast toward Jalan Padang Gaong/Rote 152, turn left onto Jalan Padang Gaong/Route 152, continue to Kampung Padang Gaong, take Route 116 to Jl. Teluk Baru and continue onto Jl. Teluk Baru to Pantai Tengah. When choosing to reach Pulau Dayang Bunting by boat, be mindful of a small jetty used for drop-off purposes. After a very short walk, you may be able to see the Pulau Dayang Bunting entrance.

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