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Understanding Landmines in the Cambodia Landmine Museum


Ex-Child Soldier Aki Ra founded the museum in the hopes of defusing landmines in Cambodia, as well as educating visitors about them. 25 days of the month are spent just removing these landmines. If you're interested in learning about how war destroys not only the enemy, but us all long after the war is over, or you just have an appreciation for history and weapons, Trip Guru suggests a visit to this educational and interesting museum, for a unique and touching experience.

When you enter the museum, you can choose to pick up some headphones for a recorded tour, and these headphones are for free. Inside, you can see a large display of defused landmines, alongside signs that explain their origins and why these landmines were planted. There are also rooms that displays rocket mines and other weapons such as hand grenades are all labeled neatly. There are also facts about landmines that are posted. One use of landmines were to terrorize entire communities, prohibiting them from being able to make a living from farming.

There are also signs about mine diffusers, people who carefully probe and locate mines in order to defuse them without much pressure. There are also photographs of injured soldiers, and facts about how the landmines have affected the Cambodian people's way of life. There is even a special section of the museum dedicated to children's experiences with mines--various stories of how children accidentally set off mines or were injured by them, all captured in artwork in neat square frames. This museum is dedicated in their efforts to educate tourists and travellers alike and they display defused landmines so that people can be aware of what they look like.

To get to the Cambodia Landmine Museum from Siem Reap, you can take a rental car to NR6, then turn right onto NR6. Then continue to Charles De Gaulle, and when you get there turn left onto Charles De Gaulle. Afterwards, continue on Rd. 60, and take Rd Number 60 to 67. When you turn left onto 67, the Museum will be to your right. The Cambodia Landmine Museum is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm every day. There's no need to pay for a temple pass just to see the Landmine Museum, and while you will pass a checkpoint, there is no need to pay.

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