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Little India

Embrace the Vibrant Colors of Singapore’s Little India


One of the best things about Singapore is how it genuinely interlays the people’s culture and heritage. With three ethnicities sharing the humble island, most people might think that it would be impossible to showcase their different backgrounds, but Singapore has found a way to give each race their own spaces, to celebrate their identity. If the Chinese have Chinatown, the Indians have Little India.

Bursting with lively colors and perfumed by the scent of native delicacies, Little India is the perfect haven for those who want to take a quick stop in all things India. Made to primarily service Singapore’s homesick Indian natives, this area, which covers about 70,000 square feet, has become one of the best places for bargain hunters to scout for authentic wares and fares from India. Here, people can purchase fabric adorned with different patterns, luxurious jewelry, and hard-to-find Hindu music. Though its treasures are known to be scattered across from one end to another, there are a few places which travelers should not miss and are just a stone’s throw away.

One of the temples that definitely stand out is the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on 397 Serangoon Road. Dedicated to Krishna, one of Vishnu’s incarnations, it is one of the more spacious places in the whole of Little India. Inside, visitors can marvel at the numerous Hindu relics, one of which is a giant image of Vishnu and his many faces. Another colorful destination is the House of Tan Teng Niah at 37 Kerbay Road. Although it is Chinese in origin, many of the Indian community fell in love with its luminous colors that they decided to renovate the structure and maintain its upkeep. Lastly, for visitors who want to shop till they drop, they need to enter the Mustafa Center located at 145 Syed Alwi Road. This giant 24-hour center is known to be the place where travelers can get the best shopping experience in Little India.

Trip Guru would like to let travelers know that it is possible to visit every attraction within a day because of its short distance. It is also fairly easy to get to Little India. All you have to do is ride the MRT and take the Purple North-East Line to Little India Station, which brings you right in the middle of Racecourse Road.  

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