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Mahar Aung Myay & Gem Market

Be Blinded by Sparkling Stones Found in the Mahar Aung Myay Jade and Gem Market


One of the major focal activities when visiting another country is shopping. Even though the main point is to purchase an item, which can both be treated as a souvenir or a storing vessel full of cherished memories of the visit, it is also a good opportunity to see the locals in action. Markets are essential areas of the economic system of any country and depending on the goods people buy and sell it can become a point of interest as well. Majority of the markets showcase their country’s cultural heritage by decorating the streets with their handicrafts and wafting the air with the sounds, flavors, and scents of local dishes. However, in Mandalay, Myanmar, the Mahar Aung Myay Jade and Gem Market tells the stories of the nation’s people through precious stones.

Travelers who want to experience a different market atmosphere should definitely head down to this market. Instead of being crowded by rows and rows of antiques and other wares, the stall that fill this particular market offer visitors the glimmering light of high valued stones on their tables, but like what its name suggest, Jade is the name of the trade. Travelers are allowed to commerce with the vendors, if they have the coin, and can bring home beautiful cuts of stone that are tailored to their particular tastes.

The market’s opening hours however, is quite awkward. It opens around 4:00AM and closes at 10:00AM, but then reopens around 2:00PM so that the leftover stones can be sold. First time visitors might be overwhelmed being surrounded by the sea of jade and will need a place to rest. Trip Guru suggests that travelers should visit the market early and sit down in one of the local restaurants inside once they feel fatigued. Also, keep your belongings safe, especially if you are planning to buy, or you will be an easy target for thieves.

A 1,000 MMK fee for entrance and parking is required, but buying the precious stones is optional. The Mahar Aung Myay Jade and Gem market is located approximately between 39th Street & 40th Street, between 87th Street & 88th Street, Mahar Aung Myay Township. You can get here via public or private transport.

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