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Thresher Sharks Diving in Malapascua Island


Cebu island is a well-known tourist destination, not only because of the many beach resorts and historical landmarks found on it, but also because of the many places and activities you can enjoy on the islands surrounding it. One such island that visitors find themselves going to is Malapascua Island, which is a small island that divers love to go to. One activity that seems to attract the more adventurous to this island is thresher shark diving.

Malapascua is found north of Cebu, just off the tip of the main island. The place is slowly becoming famous for its white sandy beaches, and is sometimes being called a future alternative to Boracay. The main attraction however for those who do make the trip to the north of Cebu and across the strait to this small island is the diving. The island is a bit on the under-developed side, with power outages happening rather frequently, and very few options when it comes to accommodations as well as dining.

This tiny 2.5 kilometer by 1 kilometer haven is a great place to visit when you are looking for someplace to spend some quiet time, apart from getting some diving and snorkeling adventures in. You can walk around the island, go island hopping, and just take in the sun on the beach. In order to experience thresher shark diving on the island, you need to schedule a trip to Monad Shoal where they are found. There are a number of diving shops and teams who can accompany you to the spots where these protected creatures are located.

To get to Malapascua, and to enjoy such a thrilling adventure with these rare sharks, you should first head north of Cebu to Maya-Bagay. From there, you can then cross to the island with the use of boats that only leave the port when they are full. Trip Guru advises that while shark diving on the island can be done any time of the year, the waters can be rather choppy during Monsoon season, which can make boat rides somewhat dizzying and rather perilous. Rooms on the island go for as low as P700 a night to as high as P5000 for resort quality accommodations. 

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