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Mango Avenue

Fill your nights with endless music


Though Cebu City is primarily known for its rich historical spots, sunny beaches, and aging structures. There are numerous venues where all these things cater to modern travelers who love to party. The Mango Square on Mango Avenue is a must-visit destination, especially if you want to fill your nights with endless music, bright lights, and the taste of the finest alcohols the Philippines has to offer.

Club Juliana has become a favorite spot to both foreign and local visitors. Their high-tech disco floor will keep your blood pumping throughout the evening as you dance alongside the growing crowd. They also offer VIP rooms for those who seek an intimate escapade, and their fares are reasonably priced. For travelers who want to be a little bit lowkey, then the atmosphere of Numero Doce will set you up. It is a budget-friendly establishment, but they are known to serve the best drinks and frozen cocktails in the avenue, as well as fill the air with recent top hits starting from the 90s. Other popular clubs include: Pappilon Nighclubt, The Pump Disco, and Club Temptation. Spend your night in Cebu the way you like it, because Mango Avenue will surely deliver.

The easiest and group-friendly way to get to Mango Avenue is by taxi. From Cebu City Center, hop on any taxi and tell the driver to head to Mango Avenue. It usually costs around PHP 200 to PHP 250, but you can ask to flag the price down. If you are going solo, hop on a jeepney from Marina Mall to Benedicto street and from there, take another jeepney Sancianko Street. You will pass by Mango Avenue.

Most nightclubs open around 6:00pm and close at 5:00am, so Trip Guru would like to suggest you visit the area later – for those who prefer to enter with the crowd. Be aware your taxi fare, drinks, and the like can be overpriced deep into the evening. It is best that you bring a local or an experienced friend along.

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