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When night falls in Mantawe, be prepared for parties


Mantawe Avenue is a part of Mandaue City along the Central Coastal part of Cebu. It’s a highly urbanized city and a reliable source of several manufacturing and consumer goods. Locals and foreigners alike will surely enjoy a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants with karaoke in them, on Mantawe Avenue in Mandaue City. When night falls in Mantawe, be prepared for parties that include great food, cocktails and live entertainment.

Some of the best nightlife Mantawe has to offer includes the Liv Superclub in the City Time Square. It’s a large venue that cn accommodate around 800-1200 people and it’s the first club to utilize a large LED screen (18x24) amongst all the other clubs in Cebu. Visited by foreigners and locals alike, they have a dance floor, live entertainment and a variety of drinks for customers. There’s also The Hi-fi Family KTV and Amnesia Superclub, both offering advanced karaoke systems. It’s a favorite among music lovers and is perfect for families with their VIP rooms. The Euro Hub Café is a modern fusion of European Café and bar with widescreen TVs and live entertainment with DJ’s.

To get to Mantawe Avenue from Mactan City Center, you can take a jeepney going to the Lapu-Lapu Hall of Justice. Then you can take another jeepney going to W.O. Seno St. From Seno Street, you can walk through City Times Square to get to Mantawe. Alternatively, you can take a taxi directly to City Time Square. You can also take a multi-cab from Mactan City Center to Marina Mall and from there you can take another jeepney going to Mantawe.

Operating hours in Mandaue open as early as 6:00pm and close around 2:00am, though there are places such as Liv Superclub is open until 6:00am. Travelers are encouraged to keep an eye on their belongings and to keep an eye on their drink. Only have enough cash on hand for the night and be sure to drink moderately and don’t forget to bring mosquito repellant and umbrella for rainy or sunny days.

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