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Marina Bay

Singapore's top nightlife experience


Marina Bay Sands may be more popularly known as a luxury hotel, but the place offers its guests a lot of late night entertainment that can definitely complete any discerning traveler’s Singapore experience. Venues, located both inside and outside the resort, range from the energetic and wild to charming and classy bars/clubs. Whatever mood or scene you are looking for, Marina Bay Sands definitely has a place for you.

Singapore’s party goers and young crowd love to go to Pangaea Club and spend the rest of the night dancing to the hottest tunes. Located within Marina Bay Sands Resort, it is known to serve a one-of-a-kind experience at a venue that can only be described as ‘mind-blowing’. With 20,000 light bulbs adorning the room and an array of expensive drinks, Pangaea Club is reserved for those who want to end their day with a resounding bang. If you are looking for a spot to grab a cold one with your friends, then the Secret Mermaid in the Ocean Financial Center is your best option. It is only a few minutes’ walk from Marina Bay, and it serves handcrafted spirits with names that you’ve probably never even heard of. Be here early if you want to grab a bite to eat: their menu offers all your favorite pub-style classics. This cozy, tight-knit venue is a perfect gathering place for you and your friends.

From Singapore’s city center, you can walk to the Shunfu Estate and catch a 166 bus. From here, get off at Little India Station, hop on the MRT and take it to the Bayfront Station. Once there, you can just walk to the Marina Bay Sands.

Trip Guru would like to advise future travelers that when visiting Marina Bay Sands, it is better to bring extra cash. Some venues, like Pangaea Club, have an entrance fee of SG$40. Moreover, not all establishments operate at the same time. So to get the most out of the night, it is better to visit the area a little bit later in the evening; grab dinner somewhere else before diving into the fun.

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