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Ngwe Saung Beach

Walking Along Ngwe Saung Beach


If you're looking for a good place to relax and to take the stress of life away, there's no better remedy than a trip to the beach. It's a beautiful little beach on the Bay of Bengal on the western coast of Myanmar. It's a long stretch of beach with a few resorts, perfect for a little rest and relaxation away from the busy metropolitan lifestyle. Trip Guru highly recommends that you take a trip to Ngew Saung Beach to have a good time and to feel a sense of privacy.

The beach has two areas: the northern end has a chain of tall, walled yet high-end resorts. Towards the southern end of the beach however, this is where the quiet charm of the beach comes into play, as you can find most backpackers and low-price bungalows here, with their common link being the long strip of sand and beautifully growing palms. If you're interested in different species of birds, you can check out birdwatching at Ngew Saung Dam and the surrounding areas.

One of the important features of this beach is that its sand is extremely fine in texture, and that the water is clear but deep, offering a window into the marine life that lurks beneath the surface, and you can relax and play within the white sands of the beach. There is also an elephant camp in the middle of Ngwe Saung and Pathein. You can also choose to go down to the local village and spend your time observing the locals and how they spend their time away from the Internet and technology, and immerse yourself in the splendor of nature, without worry of stress or anything else but the sand beneath your feet, the cool sea breeze and the sounds of birds chirping overhead.

To get to Ngew Saung Beach, there are buses that leave from Hlaing Thar Yar bus station in Yangon and will drop you off in Ngwe Saung Village. You may get reduced fare for bus services during June to October, as that is the rainy season.

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