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Orchard Road

The coolest vibe in Singapore


Singapore’s Orchard Road is famously known as the city-state’s shopping district. Though many travelers do flock this area to get their shopping itch fixed, coming by Orchard Road once the sun goes down and all the shops have closed can be a rewarding experience. There are a lot of  spots open until the late night just waiting to be discovered, and once you have found your favorite, it will be difficult not to come back. Clubs and bars dominate the scene, so prepare yourself for an experience that excites your senses.

Undoubtedly the most popular and craziest scenario in this area is Orchard Tower. In this palace there are many bars and some clubs. In here you surely find someone who spring your night or maybe your life...

The Horse’s Mouth receives their guests by leading them down the stairs, but after taking a few steps, people are surprised to step into a modern, ‘man’s man’ den. The dark and moody environment is a far cry from your typical night club, and one shouldn’t expect light and fruity mixes here - The Horse’s Mouth specializes in strong, hard liquor and all the proper accompaniments. For a romantic night out, head down to Emerald Hill and soak in the 1900s and 1920s vibe. There are a lot of bars that cover this strip, but the No. 5 is known to be generous during their happy hours. If you are the type of person who wants to get down on the dance floor, then Club Sonar at TAB will fix you right up. With live music performances every night in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai, travelers from all over can enjoy Singapore’s hottest hits all in one place.

From Singapore’s city center, you can get to Orchard Road by hopping on a 167 bus on Shunfu Estate. Get off at Tang Plaza and take a two-minute walk to Orchard Road. It is the easiest and cheapest ways to get there.

With the many bars and clubs situated in Orchard Road, it is always wise to stay alert at all times. If you decide to party hard, then Trip Guru suggests that you bring a couple of friends along to help you out – it is always safer to travel in groups.

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