Pantai Cenang Rice Fields Place guide



Pantai Cenang Rice Fields

Learn and Love Rice like the Locals at Pantai Cenang Rice Fields


Sometimes, the simplest destinations are the ones that sparks a traveler’s adventurous spirit. Although it is a fact that most tourist do visit a popular site, for whatever reason they have, these places can be a tad bit overrated to some, while for others, they may not quite fit their specific travel experience. For those who prefer a quieter scene to fill their vacation itinerary, head down to Pantai Cenang in Langkawi, and enjoy the scent of the cool breeze and the rays of the golden sun, whilst immersing yourself in their beautiful rice fields.

Thought the Western world does not care too much for rice, in Asia, this pearl-like grain has become the center star for all types of cuisine. Being an important staple in their daily meals, Asians have utilized this crop to create some of their most delectable dishes, be it main course or dessert. Some people are not quite familiar with the process from field to table, and this is where the rice fields in Pantai Cenang steps in. Once travelers arrive, they are not only greeted by the neon green strands of rice poking form the waters, but also, watch the local women bend down to the knee deep waters, collect their harvest, and see them smile under their straw hats in the middle of the day. The best time to see these ladies in action, is of course, during the harvesting season. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be there at the right the moment. If you find yourself in this situations whilst exploring Langkawi, then we, at Trip Guru, suggests that you visit these following destinations as well.

If you want to know more about rice the Laman Padi (rice museum), and feel the people’s passion for rice through viewing their collection of artifacts, old harvest tools, and the history of rice cultivation in Langkawi. If an aquatic experience is more of your taste, head south and enter the island’s Underwater World. However, if you are there on a Thursday night, mingle with the locals at the Temoyong Night Market, and spend some time tasting their local fares.

The easiest wat to get to Pantai Cenang from Langkawi Airport is by taxi. It will cost you around 19 MYR, and the route would take you southwest from the airport, then right to Route 168, then after 950m turn left, then another left onto Jalan Kuala Muda/Route 115, and then a final right.

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