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From Crowded to Quiet: The Islands Around Pantai Cenang in Langkawi


To break away from the crowd in Langkawi, Trip Guru suggests that you visit the pockets of tropical paradise just a short boat ride from Pantai Cenang: the quiet islands of Rebak, Beras Basah, Singa Besar, and many others. Island hopping is one of the most popular activities in Langkawi to spend an undisturbed day by the shore.

Free your mind from worry by taking in the pristine view from the beaches in Big Rebak Island and Small Rebak Island. A private resort, Big Rebak Island offers a quiet ambience, hiking trails, watersports facilities, magnificent views of the Andaman Sea, and city conveniences such as bars and restaurants. Small Rebak Island is an ideal destination for day trippers. Just a 15-minute boat ride from the main island, it invites travelers to a leisurely stroll on its forested beach. Both islands have accommodations for backpackers who wish to stay the night and wake up to an unhurried, postcard-perfect morning by the shore.

Beras Basah Island, on the other hand, entices its guests with its colorful marine life. While the island has its fair share of beaches, it is known primarily as a diving and snorkeling spot. However, travelers and lovers of the sea are advised to wear stinger suits to avoid getting stung by any of the several jellyfish species that live in the waters of Langkawi.  In addition, people who want to hold a picnic or dinner by the beach should note that local monkeys are known for trying to join mealtimes and taking off with their hosts’ food.

Pantai Cenang is less than a 30-minute drive from Langkawi International Airport. Langkawi has no transportation system, but travelers here can depend on fixed-rate taxis and facilities that rent out cars, motor bikes, and bicycles. A license is required when driving a car, while helmets are mandatory for motorbike users. The best time to visit the islands around Pantai Cenang is between January and March, when the weather is usually clear and sunny.

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