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Take a Side Trip to Penang from Langkawi


When travelers prepare for their trips, they always have to consider the geography of their destination, to be able to figure out what sort of activities they can do there. Remote islands always offer the usual water activities (e.g. swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.) Bustling cities provide their gusts with a premiere nightlife experience, while ancient ruins serve as stepping stones for those who prefer exploring the land’s historic routes. With very limited choices, travelers might not be able fulfill their traveling desires. However, instead of looking for other places to parch their thirst for adventure, they can get the experience they want if they decide to head down to Penang.

The state of Penang, Malaysia, is heavily rich with Chinese influences and heritage, but do not mistake this place as your average cultural town. Here, visitors with clashing interests can definitely find something that would fit their passions. For those who prefer taking the tranquil paths of Penang, the may opt to visit the Kek Lo Si Temple in Georgetown, and marvel at the Pagoda of Rama VI. If they wish to break a sweat along the way, they can climb Penang Hill’s peak, and sit among the clouds in silence; but if they want to be as far away as possible from the hustle and bustle of the town, they can escape to the sandy shores of Batu Ferringhi Beach.

As for travelers who want to excite their senses, Penang offers destinations that will definitely suit your taste. Go to Georgetown and take a snap shot of your favorite Ernest Zacharevic mural art work. If traditional flavors are more of your calling, head down to Gurney Drive and have a bowl of their famous dishes – at an affordable. Finally, start the evening by visiting the night markets, and purchase a little piece of Penang to bring home.

Trip Guru suggests travelers who want to visit Penang to take the seas. It is the fastest, safest, and easiest mode of travel. All you need to do is book a ferry from Langkawi to Penang. It the costs for the one way travel is 60 MYR for adults, 45 MYR for children 3-11 years old, and 25 MYR for children below 2 years of age. For two way travel the prices are doubled.

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