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Puka Beach

Quiet Time and Relaxation on Puka Beach in Boracay


When you go to Boracay, whether it is in the peak months or off-peak ones of the year, will see you walking along white sandy beaches, along with scores of people on vacation here. Staying on the crowded yet still beautiful shores of the main beach probably won’t give you the peace and quiet you want, except probably at dawn. This is why, if you are looking for some time on a white sandy beach without crowds around you while the sun is up, then you should head down to Puka Beach.

Also known as Yapak Beach, this part of the island still has the white sandy beaches that made Boracay world famous, but is not as congested or busy as the main side. In fact, if you come here during the off-peak times of the year, you stand the chance of having the beach all to yourself. The sand on this part of the island is generally coarser than the powdery ones on the other side, and the water also goes deeper faster as compared with the crowded White Beach, but if it is peace you want on Boracay, it is peace you will get here.

This location is pretty much secluded and has way less people than the rest of the island, which also means that you cannot find selections for food and drinks here, unlike on the busy side. There is a restaurant there though, which serves a variety of seafood that is abundant in the area. If you do not want to eat at Tesebel’s, you should pack some food before heading to Puka Beach.

Getting to this quiet part of Boracay is easy enough, since you can find tricycles who are willing to take you to this spot for a minimal fee. You can also hike to the place or rent a bike, but you will need to ask for directions to get there. Other visitors to the place choose to go by way of the sea, renting a boat to take them to the area. Trip Guru advises that you make sure to arrange for a way to get back to your hotel after you have spent the day here with either your tricycle driver or boatman.

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