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Pulau Ubin

Rustic Paradise in Pulau Ubin


Pulau Ubin seems like a faraway land, with less than a hundred villagers who live life at their own pace. The villagers of Pulau Ubin make up what could very well be the last real old-fashioned village in Singapore. If being close to nature and far away from technology sounds like a dream, allow us at Trip Guru to invite you to explore Pulau Ubin, an authentic and unspoiled place of absolute beauty.

There are abandoned quarries scattered in Pulau Ubin, also known as Granite Island. While the island no longer has the particular industry of granite, it instead has the Chek Jawa Wetlands, which comprises of coral reefs and hides marine wildlife such as cuttlefish, sand dollars and sea hares, among others. The best part is that there is no need to rush while you are in Pulau Ubin--the leisurely pace of life here, full of simplicity is a stark contrast to the busy, fast-paced life of the city. And sometimes, that is just the kind of rest and rejuvination one needs.

For those travellers who enjoy life at their own pace, or travellers that wish to relax and get in touch with themselves, away from the stress and pains of everyday life can also enjoy a leisurely walk through the roads beneath the gentle swaying of coconut palms and losing yourself in between the trails of the wild rubber plantations, and taking deep breaths of sweet sea air amongst the seculuded beaches. Truly, when in a place devoid of much technology, the purity of the air as well as the natural sweetness and deliciousness of the food nourishes not only the physical body, but the soul as well.

To get to Pulau Ubin, head to the Changi Ferry Point Terminal, located in Changi Village, next to a bus terminal. When you get to the ferry terminal, there are boats that will gladly take you to Pulau Ubin. The best part is that admission to the island is completely free, and the public transport found on the island is at your service from sunrise to sunset.

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