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Sai Wan Villeage & Tai Long Wan

Hike the mountains and find some peace at Tai Long Wan Beach


Though Hong Kong is also known for its bustling and progressive city life, there are a few areas wherein travelers can get the peace and relaxation they need. From tranquil temples to illuminating hills and mountains, choosing which destination to begin with can be overwhelming. However, if you are looking for a place that not only offers a magnificent blanket of vegetation but also, a waterside view to cool off, then head down to the quaint town of Sai Kung. Here, travelers who love the outdoors can choose between two activities which have become popular throughout the years. They can either view the town from the peak or Sai Wan Village, or wade around the cool waters of Tai Long Wan beach.

Experienced hikers may not find the trail to Sai Wan Village as challenging as their previous endeavors, but the rewards are so worth their time. The 45 minute trek offers travelers a full view of the mountain’s vegetative glory under clear blue skies. Whilst being surrounded by the sounds of Mother Nature, they can also get a chance to visit the natural pools, hidden within the trail. If they are more comfortable being in the sea however, the Tai Long Wan Beach is the perfect place to sate all their water related activities. Bathed in the rays of sunlight, this beach is arguably the most radiant area of the whole Sai Kung Peninsula. Visitors are greeted by the crisp breeze and the rolling waves, as they begin their beach adventures with a footprint on the white sand. The most popular activities usually include surfing and a relaxing boat ride, but lying by the shores is always more than welcome.

Trip Guru would like to remind fellow travelers to be cautious when visiting these areas. Hiking to Sai Wan Village is known to get extremely difficult during the hottest hours, so please wear the proper attire, bring the right gear, and go out at the right time. Also, if you are planning to do any water related activities, know that the beach has no lifeguards. Only head out to sea if the waters are tame, or else you are exposing yourself to numerous dangerous situations.

To get to Sai Kung from central Hong Kong, you can take the MTR to Diamond hill and from there take bus 92 to Sai Kung. The whole journey will take about 40 minutes. Though it is not the fastest method, it is the cheaper option.

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