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Sentosa Island

If you are looking for a quiet night, this is the place.


Singapore might be a small city-state in terms of size, but the people of this  island surely know how to show late-night wanderers a fantastic time. There’s certainly a lot to do and see in the later, offbeat hours; If you are looking for something unique and memorable to light up your evening, Sentosa’s beaches is the perfect spot to begin. From a vibrant and engaging nightlife experience out at the clubs by the bay to family-friendly entertainment, Sentosa has maintained its well-balanced atmosphere, making it an easy start for the undecided traveler. Though the most popular activity here is to let loose on the beach, there are a lot of bars nearby that are ready to quench your midnight thirst.

The Bikini Bar is Singapore’s first and only Bintang Bar and boasts a wide range of ice-cold beers, colorful cocktail creations, and excellent taste in music. The general atmosphere here may not evoke “club life” vibes, but the light and casual beach surroundings make it a good place to kick back and relax. Another bar located in Sentosa is the Bora Bora Beach Bar. They specialize in pumping French and Latin Jazz from the speakers, making it a perfect choice for the refined enthusiast. Choose from one of their amazing daiquiris and chill out with their laidback marine design – footwear is optional. For a more tropical environment, then the Sand Bar is the best place to grab a quick pick-me-up. Its intimate atmosphere makes it a great place for couples who want to cool off from the heat.

To get to Sentosa’s beaches, you can ride on the Sentosa Express from the Sentosa Station at Vivo City for SG$4 per entry. Alternatively, taking a cab and heading down the MCE will also do the trick.

Trip Guru would like to remind travelers that the establishments in Sentosa open as early as 11:00am but close around 11:00pm, so remember those hours to make the most out of your trip.

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