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Seven Commandos Beach

Refresh Your Philippine Vacation in the Seven Commandos Beach, Palawan


When it comes to the most gorgeous beaches in the world, the Philippines is known to have a handful of her islands placed on the list. With the country’s perfect tropical climate and amazing scenic views, it has come to no surprise that it has become a major tourist destination – especially during its summer months. However, there are a few travelers who want to stray away from the popular spots, to be able relax in their own pace. Thankfully, the country has numerous places for them to enjoy, but if they find themselves walking in the streets of El Nido, Palawan, they need to visit the Seven Commandos Beach.

Named after the seven Commandoss who lived in the island – whose names are now etched on rocks – this gorgeous patch of green is a delightful getaway for those who just want to lie on white sand and listen to the rolls of the waves, as they bathe under the light of the shining sun. Visitors can do almost every water related activity known to man; from swimming to snorkeling, and the occasional kayaking, its crystal blue waters is always ready to accommodate more. Travelers, who prefer watching the adventure unfold along the shore, are also welcome to join in the fun while taking a sip of the beach’s fresh Buko juice.

With a beautiful limestone mountain and lush greenery as its main scenic background, the Seven Commandos Beach is definitely the place to refresh and rejuvenate one’s mind, body, and soul, and it is because of this, Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors to be mindful with their actions. The Seven Commandos Beach is known for its tropical beauty, and it is in your best interest to leave its appearance the same way during your arrival. Do your best to produce as little waste as possible and not to disturb the natural wildlife in the area.

It is quite easy to get to the Seven Commandos Beach if you are coming from El Nido’s town proper. The easiest, safest, and fastest way is to hire a private vehicle and follow Calle Hama, until you reach the docks. From there, you can hire any Bangka to take you directly to the Seven Commandos Beach. It is wise to bring extra cash along with you, because the price range varies. 

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