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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Experience Mother Nature’s Touch in Singapore Botanic Gardens


Between the buildings that overlook the island’s river, and vibrant and lively nightlife, there is a patch of nature which can be enjoyed by both the Singaporean and travelers alike. Located near the island’s famous shopping belt, the Singapore Botanic Garden has proudly showed off her fronds for more than 156 years. This is the only tropical garden to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it can be plainly seen why.

When visitors take their first steps into the gardens, they are immediately removed from the city noise and enter into a state of calm. Surrounded by nothing but the sight, sound, and smell of nature, this botanic garden is just one of the few places wherein travelers can get their daily dose of serenity. Besides the various hues of green leaves, there are numerous attractions scattered along the area. There is the National Orchid Garden, which contains a collection of beautiful and rare orchid hybrids. The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, where kids of all ages can enjoy playing within the comforts of Mother Nature; and the Symphony Lake – wherein visitors can listen to the voices of various instruments for free every weekend.

The best feature travelers must take note is that the Singapore Botanic Gardens is open free (except for the National Orchid Garden), and is open from 5:00AM up till midnight. It is the perfect hideaway to kick-off your mornings and greet the Singaporean sunrise with a calm mind. However, Trip Guru would like to remind you that this is, after all, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and must be kept as such. Please respect the environment, and do not interfere with nature’s work at hand.

It is quite easy and simple to get to the gardens. Since Singapore is relatively small, the best way to get around is by taking the MRT. From the Singapore River, walk towards Clarke Quay and ride the purple line towards Punggol. Then get off at Little Indian then ride the Blue Line to Bukit Panjang. Get off at Botanic Gardens Station, and walk towards your destination. 

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