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Singapore Offhore Islands

Avoid the Maddening Crowd: Getaway to Lazarus, Saint John’s, Kusu, and Sister’s Islands


When the city life feels dreary, hectic and stressful, you certainly are deserving of a break. We at Trip Guru can definitely recommend that you try and visit these unique groups of islands in Singapore, for the unspoiled beauty and the unique features that each one offers, they are all slices of paradise hidden away in plain sight.

In St. John's Island, to the west is a Marine Aquaculture Center, with beautiful swimming lagoons, beaches, routes perfect for a hike and even soccer fields are available. This is an island where stray cats outnumber the residents, so cat-lovers are welcome. Kusu Island is also known as "Tortoise Island," and receives devotees that seek the Chinese temple and Malay shrines on the island. There's a tortoise sanctuary, lagoons and beach shelters to be found here.

Sisters' Islands has a marine park where you can get to see different species of coral and fishes at play during a guided walk but be warned that this is a popular attraction--book while you still can! The best time to observe the activities of marine life is when it’s at low tide and you can enjoy snorkeling during high tide. Just be careful to keep all traces of food away or you may find yourself face to face with a long-tailed macaque. You can also enjoy shade given by the coconut palms on the island, completing your island-hopping getaway.

Lazarus Island is a member of the 8 islets known as Singapore's Southern Islands, the easiest way to access Lazarus Island is to take a ferry to St. John's Island and walking to Lazarus using a link bridge. Kusu Island is a 5 minute boat ride away from St. John's. To get to the Sisters Islands, you need to get a fast work boat from the Marina South Pier. The ferry for St. John's Island can be boarded at the Marina South Pier, reachable by taxi or public transport. The first ferry starts at 9am and leaves at 6:15pm on weekends and public holidays.

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