Soho Area & Man Mo Temple Place guide


Hong Kong

Soho Area & Man Mo Temple

Soho, Graham street, and Man Mo Temple


Getting to know the locals is one of the best ways to understand the foreign destination. From going where they shop, eat, pray and meditate, travelers are able to get a glimpse of how these people go on about their daily lives. This feeling can be achieved to those who find themselves in the heart of Hong Kong, because the center point is where the people meet.

At Hong Kong’s center, travelers can experience a day in the life of a local, from the early hours of the morning, up until the late evening. They can begin their journey by purchasing fresh produce at Graham Street. Boasting as one of the oldest markets in Hong Kong, Graham Street provides the right ingredients to create scrumptious local delicacies such as Sweet and Sour Pork, and Wontons. After gastronomically enticing the senses, visitors may want to take a break and follow the spiritual path, and visit the Man Mo Temple. This structure is dedicated to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo), who looks after students taking the civil examination. Greeting their guests with a large maroon gate in the entrance, travelers will feel dignified as they stroll through its hall.

To perfectly end the Hong Kong adventure, visitors need to head down to Soho, and fill their stomachs with fine wine and exquisite meals. During the day, Soho is riddled with boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops, which caters to people breathing a sophisticated air, but it is during the evening wherein both tourist and locals gather together, to share a table and catch up with one another. With the night sky filled with glitz and glamour, Soho is the place to be, for those who want to have a piece of the hip scene.

Hollywood road is the best place to start this Hong Kong filled journey. Trip Guru suggests that travelers should take the train, for a more pleasurable ride. First, you need to walk towards Chuen Lung and take a bus to Muk Min Ha Tsuen. From there you need to walk to Tsuen Wan Station, and then ride to Admiralty Station, then get off at Sheung Wan Station. Finally, you can walk to Hollywood Road by making your way to Queen’s road, before turning left onto Shing Wong Street, until you take a final right to Hollywood Road.  

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