SOHO Place guide


Hong Kong



Do not confuse this place with the one in the west, because the Soho in Hong Kong is truly a breed of its own. Located at South of Hollywood Road, this district is one of the city’s major entertainment hubs for both day and night travelers. When the sun is out, fashion boutiques, art galleries and antique shops fill the streets. But when night time falls, it transforms into party central.

It is impossible to get bored in Soho, especially since various bars and clubs surround the area. Each venue offers international flavors for your taste buds, as well as a unique late night experience. Cleopatra’s Shisha Bar and Restaurant serves up a list of traditional Persian delights, a large selection of wines and cocktails, and interesting shisha flavors like cappuccino and Red Bull.  Another location would be Angel’s Share, which has over a hundred whiskeys from around the world and it is the first of its kind in the city. Lastly, Medusa provides guests a sophisticated air and a softly lit atmosphere – a perfect place to hide and drink cocktails.  

To get here from the city center, just ride the MTR in Asiaworld-expo, which goes directly to the Hong Kong Central Station. From here, you can simply walk to Soho and begin your nightlife adventure. Alternatively, you may hop on a taxi and it will take you directly to Soho.

Most of the late night establishments start their “party hour” past 6:00pm. Trip Guru would like to suggest that you visit the area early in the evening, to ensure that you arrive when the atmosphere is at its best. Also, it is wise to bring a few friends along. Hanging out with your buddies makes your night in Soho even more memorable.

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