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Wild parties, open bars and lounges,


Boracay, in Aklan province, is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, with its beautiful white beaches sitting prettily on top of a blue-green shoreline. The Boracay Station 1 lies to the northwest, and it’s considered as one of the upscale and busiest portions of the entire island, as it is often visited by locals and foreigners alike. Boracay Station 1 is well-known because it’s party central, 7 days a week jamp-packed with fun all day and all night. It includes wild parties, open bars, and lounges, and you can even spot a few celebrities dancing along to the music. There are live DJs and bands, as well. After a wild night of partying, you can also relax with some sports and bird-watching.   

Boracay Station 1’s best area is arguably The Cocomangas, which has been there since 1987. It’s a fond favorite among both local and foreign tourists because of their shooter bar challenge: drink and withstand 15 glasses of various wines, and get an award for the wall of fame. There’s also The Sand Bar, which offers both local and western-style dishes, music, a beach lounge, and live performances, such as fire dancing. There is also The Club Paraw, famous for their extended party hours, complete with live DJs and drinks—best of all, these are just some of the best bars and clubs around.

To get to Station 1, Boracay from the Iloilo City Center you can take a bus to Caticlan. From Caticlan, you can ride a small boat to Cagban Pier, and this will cost about P100 pesos. From the Pier you can get a tricycle to visit the different parts of Boracay or you can hire a private boat, called a bangka. All in all, it will cost about P2,500 for a round-trip. You can also opt to either hitch a ride for P100, or form a group and split the cost according to the number of people going.

Boracay’s nightlife doesn’t have standard operating hours—for example, Cocomangas Shooter Bar starts as early as 7:00pm and can close up shop as late as 3:00am. While there are a few ATM machines found on the island, most establishments including hotels, bars and clubs accept either Visa or Mastercard. Be sure to bring along enough cash for your stay, so you won’t run out of the accepted currency—there are limited currency exchanges on the island.

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