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Station 2

The favourite spot for both backpackers and residents.


The Boracay, on the island of Panay, is the home of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines; they are popular for local, foreign tourists and backpackers. When night falls, out comes the best in entertainment that Boracay Station 2 has to offer. There are bars and clubs that feature live music and there’s even a fire dance competition for those who want to try something new. This is also the place to be when you’re hankering for a good time because Boracay Station 2 has a wide range of activities—you can make new friends while drinking beer on the beach, or just have fun until sunrise.

 A prime example of one of the clubs Boracay Station 2 has to offer is the Epic Club near D’Mall—one of the largest clubs in Boracay Island. It boasts a large, classy lounge full of unique gastronomic experiences. The Epic Club also has live entertainment and DJs. Exit Bar, located on the front beach, just few minutes from Epic Club, offers no mainstream music and is considered one of the favourites spots by both backpackers and residents. There’s also the BomBom Bar, which features reggae music, a live band and it focuses on Carribean and ethnic sounds which may appeal to anyone’s inner musician. With its large guitar as a landmark, there is no way you can miss Charlie’s Steakhouse. Red Pirate Pub and Hey Jude Resort also offer live bands and delicious food and drinks, including Angus steaks and other culinary masterpieces.

To get to Boracay Station 2, the fastest route is from Caticlan. From there, you can take a ferry boat to Boracay Island for only P100.  From Boracay’s main road, you can find tricycles that will take you around the island for only P10 or P20, though be prepared for drivers to charge much more if they see you have a lot of excess baggage. If you’re coming from Puerto Galera, take a bus to Calapan, then another bus to Roxas where there are boats available headed for Caticlan.

At Boracay Station 2, bars and pubs can open as early as 4:00pm and stay open until 3:00am, so there’s no shortage of parties to go to. Despite the island being a place for partying, travellers are encouraged to remain decent, as the Philippines is still a highly conservative country. There have been reports of crowds being so wild that they can commit indecent acts in public places, including roads, public vehicles, cottages, forests, caves, and beaches. Another tip to remember is that a great time to swim and enjoy yourself is early in the morning, until about 10:00am if you want to swim in peace.

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