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Station 3

The ideal place to take things slowly.


Towards the southern portion of Boracay lies Station 3. It’s a more laid-back area than the other stations, as it is still in the process of development. It’s the ideal place for backpackers who wish to have more privacy, or for people who prefer to take things slowly. There are more mellow bars and clubs available with local delicacies, drinks, and disco. Visitors can enjoy delicious beachfront views, cocktail in hand while watching a sunset. Boracay Station 3 is also the perfect place for a quiet romance or to meet new friends from all walks of life.

Some of the best Boracay Station 3 has to offer includes the Bolero Rum Bar and the Mexican Kitchen, both of which offer delicious western-style dishes and drinks. There’s also the Red Pirate Bar with a unique blend of tribal, ethnic and acoustic sounds alongside warm and friendly staff. The Boracay Stars Club, on the other hand, is the latest and only air-conditioned club in Station 3. There is also The Sports Bar for fans of football, boxing, and other sports—this bar offers food, drinks, and a wide-screen TV that only features sports-related shows. At Station 3, relaxation and a wallet-friendly fare is their advantage amongst the others.

To get to Boracay Station 3 from Caticlan Island, there are small boats headed for Cagban pier. From there, you can take a tricycle to any of the stations in Boracay Island. There are also tricycles in Caticlan that can take you to the new Jetty Port Road, the gateway of Panay. If you’re coming from Kalibo, Aklan there are buses such as Ceres Bus and Star Express Aircon Buses that you can use to travel to Caticlan, and there are minivan sor jeepneys available, too.

Boracay Station 3’s nightlife begins at 6:00pm or 7:00pm, and can close before the early hours of the morning. The beach is most crowded from June to October, and if you wish to avoid the crowds it’s highly recommended to visit during their off-season. Boracay’s peak season is from November to May, so plan your stay accordingly, as fare and accommodations may be a little higher during their peak season.

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