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Ta Prohm in Tonle Bati

The Road Less Travelled at Tonle Bati


If you head down south of Phnom Penh, you may be able to see the Ta Prohm at Tonle Bati, a lovely little Angkor period temple that's beautifully preserved and has much to offer for people who can go out of their way to make the journey. If you're a traveller who wants to take the path less travelled while experiencing the beauty of nature and becoming one with your spirit by reflecting at the temple, Trip Guru suggests you try visiting the Ta Prohm.

There are carved reliefs, a beautiful lakeside view that's perfect and picturesque, and completely reminiscent of ancient temples from a bygone era. Tonle Bati is the name of the adjacent lake, and is what makes this temple unique. Best of all, there's the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Center nearby, and the Phnom Chisor site--plenty of things to see and do, but best of all, there are very vew travellers that choose to pass by, guaranteeing some privacy and time away from noise.

The temple is Buddhist, and is made of stone. There is an outer laterite wall, an inner laterite wall with gopuras and finally a central shrine made of sandstone. There is an area between two enclosures that has been converted into a garden, and it has beautiful carvings on the side of the path. Another sandstone tower that must not be missed is the Yeay Peau, which dates back to the 12th century, for its creation. In case one gets peckish, at the Tonle Bati are cafes, which prove to be a popular picnic spot for the local people. There is a picnic area alongside the southern shores of Tonle Bati, and has bamboo shacks standing on stilts for better appreciation of the water and is a perfect place to eat lunch.

You can get to Ta Phrom at Tonle Bati by travelling off the main highway 2 at the 35-kilometer marker from Phnom Penh in Takeo. If taking public transport, there is a sign in English and there are moto-drops at the junction.

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