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Greet the Mornings the Filipino Way at Taraw Peak


There are a handful of travelers who prefer exploring a foreign land by challenging their limits. Some would welcome the depths of the sea with their snorkeling gear and open arms, while others would bungee off the tallest building in the city, and greet the locals walking on the streets with a loud roar. However, there is no better feeling than conquering the country’s highest peak, and have the clear blue sky as the reward. Taraw Peak, in El Nido, Palawan, may not be the Philippine’s highest mountain, but nonetheless it is able to evoke the feeling of accomplishment to travelers who are intrigued with the trial of a hike.

From the foot to the peak of this marvelous mountain, Taraw has everything all hiking, trekking, and rock climbing enthusiasts will enjoy. Though the trail to the top is known to be not for the faint hearted, treading through its thick environment is as fulfilling as the climb. Coated in lush greenery which is entwined with wooden vines, and various limestone formations, the traveler’s hunger for nature’s presence is surely sated. Of course, Taraw’s best feature is found on its peak. Once visitors conquer the winding uphill trail, they are rewarded with a scenic view of the municipality of El Nido and the sea, as the cool winds congratulate all their efforts with a soft breeze.

Trip Guru would like to remind potential travelers that if they do decide to climb Mount Taraw, you need to faithfully follow your guide, bring the right gear, and wear the appropriate clothing. Like what was said earlier, getting to Taraw’s peak is no joke. With the numerous dangers found within the trail, it is in your best judgment to pick the safest option, so that you will be able to enjoy the entire journey in peace. Also, it is best that you travel in groups, so bring your friends along and explore what the mountain has to offer.

There is no fixed rate for the guide, but it usually stems between 350 to 500 Php. There are two jump-off points to Mount Taraw, and they are found in Brangay Maligaya. To get there, from El Nido’s town proper, take a private car and head drive through Balinsasayaw Road until you reach Maligaya. The best time to head to Taraw Peak is around 7:00AM to 9:00AM. Please avoid visiting the mountain when it’s raining, for the trail is known to be quite slippery.

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