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Hong Kong

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Take the Steps to Enlightenment under the Ten Thousand Watchful Eyes of Buddha


While entering a temple or a mosque that has withstood the test of time may not be the center of excitement or rustling activities, experienced travelers know that these powerful monuments are not only a symbol of the country’s major religion, but are places worth visiting. They hold an unknown force that is able to calm the body, mind, and soul. Much like Hong Kong, where it is known to be buzzing with life, there are special areas, like the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, where people can just pause from their busy schedules and offer a silent prayer.

Located in 220 Pai Tau Village in Sha Tin, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery welcomes those who want to escape the bustling city life and enjoy a moment of peace. Adorned with numerous golden images of the venerated Buddha, this site never fails to mesmerize first time and returning travelers. Of course, its spotlight is the monastery itself, but one cannot say that the journey to the top is nothing short of spectacular. As travelers climb the 430 steps that lead them to the main structure, they are surrounded by more glistening statues of Buddha, who are silently cheering on. If they are lucky enough, they can even share the path with a wild monkey or two. Once visitors make it to the top, they are given a spectacular view riddled with even more images of Buddha inside its main hall, a 4-floor pagoda that pierces the sky, and other statues of famous and/or mythical characters.

Since getting to the main monastery does prove to be challenging, Trip Guru would recommend future travelers to wear light clothing and bring a few essentials (e.g. extra water, a hand towel, etc.) If you wish to visit the monastery during your stay in Hong Kong, it is better to arrive on the site during the early morning. The site is also known to close during heavy rains, so if it starts pouring, it is best that you visit the monastery at another date.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is free of charge. To get here, take the MTR East Railline to Sha Tin station and take Exit B. From here walk towards a slope with the Home Center at your left side, and then cross the street and turn left into Pau Tai Street. Walk towards the Sha Tin government building, and then enter Sheyng Wo Che streets. Walk towards the end, and you will see the site’s entrance.

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