The Big, the Small, and the Secret Lagoon Place guide


El Nido and Palawan

The Big, the Small, and the Secret Lagoon

The Three Treasures of El Nido: The Big, the Small, and the Secret Lagoon


The province of Palawan, Philippines, is surrounded by nothing but the sea; and because of its geographical design, a lot of tourists flock to this lone island to get a chance to bathe under the tropical sunshine. Known for its beautiful sands and crystal blue waters, the obvious choice of rest and relaxation, is of course, spending a day on its shores. However, travelers, who want to see more of this amazing island, might want to dust off the sands from their hands and head towards El Nido’s three lagoons.

Yes, you heard right. The municipality of El Nido does not only offer one, but three breathtaking lagoons for those who want to see the other side of Palawan. Known as, the big, the small, and the secret lagoon, these beautiful bodies of water can all be found in El Nido’s Miniloc Island. Taking a trip there is all worth it because you can visit them in one go. Ride a Banka (A small motorized, wooden boat) to the lagoons, and feel the cold water stream between your fingers. Marvel at the towering limestone passageways and cliffs – which are adorned with vegetation – as you journey towards each treasure.  One of the major highlights travelers will encounter is when they get off the Banka, and explore the lagoons on foot. Though there is not a lot of land to roam around in, they still offer numerous attractions that whisper to those who are curious enough to search. From the skeletal fossils that are etched on the limestone surfaces, to the hidden cave-like holes that reveal the marvelous landscape of the sea, El Nido’s lagoons are the tropical havens most travelers wish to be in.

Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors to keep in mind of the lagoons’ current condition. It is in your best interest to keep the environment free from waste, to be able to maintain its pristine appearance. Also, Bankas are known to deliver a rough ride through the waters, so please do wear the provided life jackets, and do not make unnecessary movements while the vehicle is moving.

To get to Miniloc Island from El Nido take a private vehicle through Calle Hama and head to the El Nido Docks, and from there, take a boat to Miniloc Island. The cost of lagoon hopping usually cost around 1,200 Php. However, bring extra cash in case you need to rent a few more gear.

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