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The Wat Bo Temple

Appreciating Artistry at The Wat Bo


Wat Bo is located along the eastern side of Siem Reap River, which is how this area got its name. If you're the type of person who can appreciate beautifully crafted temples that have weathered countless storms, then Trip Guru would be thrilled to recommend that you visit Wat Bo, which features various pagodas, for the ideal quiet retreat away from a fast-paced world, constantly cluttered with information and noise.

To properly immerse oneself in culture, sometimes you need to get away from the popular tourist hangouts and explore the city with fresh, new eyes. Wat Bo is an area where a lot of popular hostels and other accommodations for backpackers are found. While strolling across the sea of shops and hostels however, you may see the Wat Bo Pagoda, which is also vital in understanding the spiritual aspect of Cambodia. This is a 18th century pagoda that has beautifully detailed paintings that depict the Cambodian version of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. What makes this place extra special is that while it is evident that time has affected the paintings, it still retains its unique beauty. This quilt of paintings also depicts some scenes from daily life, such as washing clothes and going to the market and you may even spot some foreigners painted in some of them as well.

And while the pagodas welcome all sorts of tourists, travellers and visitors alike, do remember not to disturb the monks during praying or eating hours. Women are also not allowed to touch the monks, and make sure to give a slight bow in the presence of the older monks. Most of all, speak with a soft voice, and ask permission before snapping photos.

Getting to Wat Bo Road only takes about 20 minutes from the airport. The good thing about this proximity is that you can just hire a tuk-tuk to take you there, which is perhaps one of the best ways to travel around the entire city, and the Wat Bo is open from sunrise to sunset.

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