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Experienced travelers know that one of the greatest adventures they can give themselves is to visit the different cities of the country they are visiting. By not secluding themselves into one area, they are able to get to know a little bit more about the nation and its people, and get to see the various attractions along the way as well. If you find yourselves in the city of Hoi An, Vietnam, and want to feast your eyes on a city that offers a similar experience, then hop on a land transport vehicle and head towards the city of Hue.

The city of Hue is roughly 145km away from Hoi An. This former Royal Capital has become part of every visitor’s must-see lists. Besides being recognized as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, this city offers numerous attractions, which sparks a sense of familiarity to those who step foot in its borders. To the East of the city lies the Thanh Toan Bridge, which houses a shrine of the bridge’s founding lady, the 7 tombs of the emperors, which are scattered throughout the countryside; and its most popular destination, the Forbidden City, which proudly stands at the northern area of Hue’s Perfume River. There is also the Dong Ba Markets, the largest in central Vietnam, for visitors who want to immerse themselves with the locals, and Thein Mu Pagoda, which is famous for its golden Buddha images.

Just like Hoi An, the city of Hue does project an aura that transports travelers into the past. However, getting to this city is part of the journey as well. Get ready to stop and be taken aback by some of the most beautiful destinations between the two cities, which include: the Thanh Toan village, where travelers can enhance their knowledge about rice farming in the village museum, and the Marble Mountains, which have become the homes of several Buddhist and Hindu grottoes, as well as a 156 step stairway that leads to a breathtaking view of the city.

If you are the type of traveler who wants to explore the marvelous sites in and along the city, Trip Guru suggests that you hop on a bus from ancient town, and revel in the experience with other people.  

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