Trip to Mrauk U Place guide



Trip to Mrauk U

Explore the Ancient Temples of Mrauk U


Bagan is home to many ancient temples in Myanmar. However, the archaeological site of Mrauk U stands out from others since its temples stand side-by-side with many busy villages and rice fields, all the while surrounded by the picturesque landscape of the rolling Rakhine State hilltops.

Of course, the main attractions of Mrauk U are the various temples and ancient structures located here, like the Andaw Temple and the Royal Palace. Many buildings are still quite preserved and the various sculptures and images found here can tell a very unique story. For those who want to learn more of Mrauk U, the Archaeological Museum inside the Royal Palace has a collection of artifacts that is free for viewing. For those who want to go out and do some sightseeing, you can also visit the many chin villages that dot the countryside.

The distance between these areas can be quite the distance, however. You can easily get around by hiring either a trishaw or a horse cart, or you can also rent a bicycle and enjoy a leisurely trip around the beautiful hillside landscape. There are various types of accommodations here that can accommodate everything from budget travelers to those looking for a more pampered experience. There are also many restaurants that offer the local cuisine. Take note that there are no banks in Mrauk U, so be sure to bring enough money to cover all your expenses.

There are two ways to get to Mrauk U: by boat or by bus. The boat route is more direct, as it can take around 5 to 7 hours to reach the location. There are large ferries at Sittwe that are available to take on tourists and can cost 10 USD or 20 USD for the faster express trip (only 3 hours travel time). There are also smaller private boats that can take groups of up to five people on a one way trip for 20 USD. By road, there are buses from Nyaung U, Bagan that can bring travelers to Magwe for K4,000 with a travel time of around 3 hours. From Magwe, there are buses that can take you directly to Sittwe for a fare of K25,000 plus a K3,000 booking fee. The total travel time from Magwe to Mrauk U can take anywhere from 14 to 19 hours.

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