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Willy's Rock

Sunrise, Sunset, and Amazing Views at Willy's Rock


When you come to Boracay, you will be presented with numerous choices for adventures and activities. You can choose to indulge in such fun endeavors like fly boat riding, banana boat riding, helmet diving, and even parasailing during the day. One of the things you should not miss doing however is a visit to Willy’s Rock.

Willy’s Rock is sometimes called The Grotto, simply because the rock has a grotto built on it with the statue of the Virgin Mary in it. You can climb up to the statue via the steps that have been cut into this rock and view the pristine white sand of the island’s main side from your vantage point. You can also take a dip in the waters that surround this huge rock, which is just a few meters away from the shore of Boat Station 1.

If you want amazing views from the rock without having to stay in the really hot sun, you should try doing so at daybreak or at sunset. Both times of the day will present you with a different ambience, with sunrise being a quiet time and with very few people on the beach (since most everyone is still asleep after partying all night at the clubs found along the strip), and sunset being more crowded but with the glorious orange hues of the setting sun making it a worthwhile experience.

Trip Guru suggests that you come to the rock at both times in order to get the different views and vibes that you can only get when you are on top of the rock. The rock is not hard to find, since it is the only thing you will see jutting out of the sea in Boat Station 1 of the island. After taking in the breathtaking view from the rock, which costs you nothing by the way, you can head on down to Jonah’s Fruit Shakes nearby for a refreshing drink which they guarantee is made out of all natural ingredients.

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